Meet Cheli Cerra, Founder of Eduville


Named the “The Right Choice in Education” by Women’s Day Magazine, Cheli Cerra provides education coaching and advice via,, and her social media channels.

During her career, Cheli has received the honor of being:

  • Named AXA Business Woman of the Year for Education.
  • Selected to be part of the FIU Leadership Development Institute.
  • Invited to study at Harvard for a Summer Institute in Education and Leadership.
  • Named “The Right Choice in Education” by Women’s Day Magazine.
  • Named “Principal of the Year” for the 4 th largest school district in the nation.
  • Designated as an “Autonomous Principal” for exceptionally high performance.
  • Co-authored a 6 book series on Education published by Wiley.
  • Spokesperson and Education Expert on Fox News Channel.
  • Board Member of the Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida.
  • Mom Advisory Board Member for Lean Forward Media, LLC.
  • Educational Leader, Coach and Mentor to thousands of children and their parents.

It all started with my own two kids……..

Cheli founded Eduville as a result of her own two children. Being an educator she realized how hard it was to navigate the educational system when she started looking for the right school for her children. What she thought would be easy turned into a huge project. Being an insider in education she still felt lost and overwhelmed. As she went through the school choice process she felt that she needed to take charge and help others. In 2001, Cheli made a decision that changed her life. She left the school system. Cheli immersed herself in research, started a website, and began to go on radio shows sharing her knowledge with others.

The reality of it all……..

Although she was thrilled at the fact of being able to create her dream of helping others Cheli was overwhelmed. She tried to do it all. Cheli hung in there. She went to numerous conferences on education. She found a mentor, hired a coach and began to write her book. Soon after she took on a partner and the School Talk! Series was created. She was so happy to have been able to realize her dream. She went on radio, news media, and wrote articles to help parents. She knew she was on the right track making a difference. Then the phone call came. Three days before the school year began, she was asked to go back and be the 6 th principal of one of the best schools within the district. The school had been founded in 1923. She couldn’t say no.

Back to School……..

Cheli went back to being a school principal. She continued to research, write and speak on education issues but most of all she continued to help parents within her school and community. She developed a team and took the existing school to a new level – a K-8 Preparatory Academy on two separate campuses. She became more involved with the community around her. This led her to continue to coach and mentor more parents on education issues.

Leaving a Legacy……..

It all started with her upbringing. Cheli was inspired by her own parents who came as immigrants to the USA. They were afforded a second chance to start a successful new life because of their education. Cheli remembers her grandfather, whom she never was able to meet, sending her parents bits and pieces of their college diploma in the letters that he wrote. Slowly and painstakingly her mom and dad taped the pieces of paper together until their diploma was recreated. Cheli was an eye witness to her parent’s experience. They instilled in her the importance of an education. Cheli felt that as a mother it was her duty to give her children the same. She feels truly blessed to have been given the chance to make a difference in this world.