Learning firsthand from your child how the first week of school experience is going, will impact how your child’s school year will develop. Ask the following questions to get a better understanding of how your child’s educational experience is developing – being curious can help you keep your child on track for a great year!

  1. What is one thing that you like about your teacher?
  2. How many kids are in your class – how many do you know?
  3. What did you do in school today?
  4. How much homework do you have?
  5. If you could change one thing about your class what would that be?

Ask the question with genuine curiosity and listen intently for what is said and what is not said.  You may learn more about your child and the school they are in. Having one-to-one conversations are powerful and can help you take charge of your child’s education.

Please share your comments below.

Stay tuned for how to manage the answers and what to do if your child’s experience is not a positive one.