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Fox News ChannelCheli Cerra M.Ed., leading Child Success Expert & Educator, discusses the hottest and most current issues that parents, children and educators deal with in our education system today! View her interviews as broadcast on Fox News Channel
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Help Your Child Become
Happy, Healthy & Smarter!

Cheli Cerra

Moms, Dads, and grandparents are you trying to find ways to help your child keep up, catch up or just get ahead in school? Let Cheli Cerra, America's Most Trusted Principal and Child Success Expert help you!

Look no further for proven techniques, no-nonsense tips, and easy strategies. Read through the special articles and subscribe to our news letter and help your child get on the road to school success!

Special insider secrets revealed to help you navigate the educational system!

School-Talk Success Series

Improving Education One Conversation At A Time™

Teacher Talk! The Art of Effective CommunicationThis insightful book series provides a practical down-to-earth approach to handling common education issues.

The series offers a collection of short scenarios dealing with common school situations and accompanied by practical solutions, communication techniques, special tips and added resource information, all designed to take the mystery out of resolving the issue.
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Read Our Articles for Parents
Who Want Successful Children!

Tips for Choosing a School
Finding the best school for your child takes an immense amount of time, work, persistence and dedication. Read about points to consider when looking for the best school for your child.
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School Success — A Parents Quiz
Your relationship with the school is one that is critical and requires your full attention, dedication and respect. Take the quiz and determine your parental involvement level.
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Is Your School Safe?
An essential checklist—Investigating the answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of your child's school.
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Is Your Child's Teacher Top Notch?
Research the answers to these questions and you will have a better understanding of your child's teacher(s).
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Do You Know Your Child's Learning Style?
Recognizing your child's learning style makes it easier to maximize their potential.
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All About Advocacy
How to be a strong voice in support of your child.
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33 Days to a Smarter Child
Apply these 33 techniques to instill habits and daily routines that will form your child's structure for success!
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50+ Secrets To Make Your Child Smarter!
Skyrocket your child's education with these proven secrets and information that any parent can use quickly, simply and automatically.
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Cheli's Latest Book
Test Talk!
Test Talk! provides a wealth of practical advice on how to deal with common issues that may arise with student testing, from kindergarten through high school.

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